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Moderation of Religious and Political Discourse & Its Impact on Societal Development


Moderation of Religious and Political Discourse & Its Impact on Societal Development

    The President of UOA announced the start of its preparations to hold its first international conference under the title (moderation in religious and political discourse and its impact on promoting societal development). The Assistant President of the University for Scientific Affairs, Dr. Mushtaq Talib Al-Neda, said that the conference aims to enhance intellectual cohesion and closer scientific relations between The University of Anbar and the universities of Iraq and the Arab world and to improve the scientific performance of researchers and propagate a culture of moderation and moderate and to address extremist ideas and create a scientific and cultural environment aimed at raising the values ​​of excellence and scientific excellence.

 He also noted that the conference will be held on the major conference hall at Anbar University for the period from  31/10/2018 - 1/11/2018 and in the presence of well-known personalities from advanced Arab and international universities.

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