About The Department

      The Department of Animal Production was established in 1994, as part of formation the scientific departments of the college, to qualify more cadres capable of carrying out the tasks of the Iraqi agricultural renaissance in accurate agricultural specializations. the Training of specialists in animal production was at the forefront of our priorities. The scientific interesting of the graduates  is focused on main axes which  production and raising of poultry, production and breeding of large animals, and raising and producing fish. Also, department members develop theoretical and practical curricular programs,  to cover  the academic and applied concepts of the types of knowledge in these disciplines. Hence, the graduate's ability to manage the fields of animal production is increased. Since the beginning of the department's establishment and until now, main aim  sets up strategic plans based on the reality of livestock in Iraq, the economic situation of the market and the  agricultural development in the world. Accordingly, it began to modernize the fields and laboratories capabilities in order to accommodate number of  students and show their knowledge and scientific capabilities, so the department has graduated  hundreds of  students and more than 200 postgraduate students in different specializations in the field of livestock.The department members are still continuing to develop their capabilities to reach the best performance.        

The Department Programs

The department has three programs, bachelor's, master's and doctoral, in animal production sciences. they are including three majors , poultry, ruminants and fish.

The Department Aims

The department aims, through its teaching program, to:

1) the Graduation of teachers and agricultural engineers with high qualifications‘  have capable of modernizing the infrastructure in agriculture fields.

2) Develops students and provides them with modern technologies and provide services to the community and the labor market.

3) Building leadership qualities of graduates by train them to work as a team.

4) Support and provide a good working environment for students and faculty staff.                                                                  

Department activities

1) Holding scientific and guidelines seminars  in the service sector of animal production.

2) Establishing scientific and training workshops to develop the skills of teachers and students.

3) Holding seminars for teachers and post-graduate students throughout the academic year.

4) Holding training courses for students, teachers and those interested in the animal production sector from government departments and the private sector.

5) Participation in the local and international scientific conferences.

6) working to Activate the productive role of the college fields.

7) Activating  the research groups work.

8) Publishing of scientific papers in international and local scientific journals.

9) Participation in many scientific exhibitions.

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