Department of Agricultural Economics

The origins of the section and a historical overview

The Department of Agricultural Economics was established at the University of Anbar in 2008 due to the urgent need to prepare cadres specialized in agricultural economics and put them in various agricultural economic work, as the agricultural economy is a branch of the applied general economy that researches problems related to the agricultural profession and applies economic theories and principles to agricultural activities, and the first courses graduated From the department 2011-2012.

The scientific interest of the graduates of the Agricultural Economics Department focuses on developing economic skills. The department's curriculum has been programmed to cover the academic and applied concepts of the types of knowledge in these disciplines. Hence, the focus was on training cadres specialized in agricultural economics.

Department Objectives:

The main objective of the Department of Agricultural Economics is to qualify graduates of the scientific branch of preparatory study by providing them with the targeted scientific knowledge and the wealth obtained in the various fields of agricultural economics after graduating and obtaining a bachelor’s degree in agricultural economics, and then:

• Preparing a graduate who can compete in the labour market.

• Contributing to sustainable agricultural development in society.

• Conducting applied scientific research with feasible economic returns.

• Areas of agricultural economic consultancy.

• Building and developing the capacities of workers in the fields of the agricultural sector.

• Conducting training courses in economic and agricultural fields for various segments of society.

• Identify the methods of descriptive and quantitative economic analysis.

• Learn the basics of the economic feasibility of agricultural projects.

• Study the marketing functions and agricultural marketing management.

• Understanding the performance of agricultural finance and credit institutions.

• Draw some features of agricultural policies and analyze them.

Department Activities:

1. Participation in scientific conferences outside and within the department.

2. Work to activate the productive role of agriculture.

3. Publish scientific research in international and local scientific journals.

4. Calculating the economic feasibility of strategic and applied projects.

5. Cooperating with the relevant governorate departments in several projects.

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