This Department was established in 2001 to prepare qualified staff that are capable to shoulder the responsibilities of agricultural rise in the country in specific disciplines the most important of which is horticulture and garden engineering. The focus of graduates from this department is on basic concepts such as vegetables productions, gardens, protected agriculture and gardens design. The theoretical and practical curricula have been designed to cover the academic and applied concepts for all types of knowledge in those disciplines.


    Preparing scientifically and practically qualified staffs to contribute in the development of the real state of the production of garden crops and garden engineering in our country. Moreover, the department holds a number of scientific courses within the continuing learning program for agricultural faculties graduates working in state enterprises and in the private sector.



  1. Committee of the Consultative Bureau
  2. Scientific Committee
  3. Greenhouses Committee
  4. Examination Committee
  5. Guidance Committee




  1. Vegetables Lab
  2. Physiology Lab

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