Brief about the department :

The Food Science Department was established in 2004 to join other scientific departments in the college in order to qualify cadres equipped with the latest methods and food biotechnologies in our country and to supply the country with this specialty and to qualify specialists in food science and biotechnology.

The scientific interest of the graduates of the Food Science Department focuses on a number of basic steps, namely the production and processing of food and milk of all kinds, and the improvement of production in terms of quantity and quality. As  the curriculum in the department has been programmed, in both theoretical and practical terms, to cover the academic and applied concepts of the types of knowledge in this discipline. Hence, the focus was on training cadres specialized in food production.


Department Objectives :

The department aims, through its teaching program, to graduate scientifically and practical cadres that contribute to developing the reality of agricultural and industrial food production in our country. The department also organizes a number of scientific courses within the continuing education program for graduates of faculties of agriculture working in state departments or the private sector.

Department Activities:

1. Holding training courses

2. Participation in scientific conferences outside and within the department

3. Working to activate the productive role of dairy

4. Publishing scientific research in international and local scientific journals

5. Conducting applied scientific research

6. Cooperating with the relevant governorate departments in several projects

7. Holding exhibitions and extra-curricular activities

Committees :

-The advisory office committee

-The examination committee

3-The advisory committee

-The Scientific Committee


Laboratories :

1- Dairy and manufacturing laboratory

2- Chemistry Lab

3- Microbiology laboratory

4- Educational bakery



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