About the department

The Department of Plant Protection was established in the College of Agriculture / University of Anbar in 2003, and received the first group of students in the 2004-2005 academic year, and they graduated as agricultural engineers and provided them with a bachelor’s degree in plant protection who are able to contribute to solving agricultural and environmental problems in our society. The graduates of the Department have proven high efficiency and outstanding success in practical life, as no agricultural project, whether affiliated to the public or private sector, is without a graduate of the Plant Protection Department. The vision of department is preparing a generation of scientific cadres and researchers who are able to solve problems related to agricultural production, postgraduate studies were developed in the Plant Protection Department in the academic year 2020-2021, to award a master’s degree in the specialty (plant diseases). The department employs a group of teachers from various scientific degrees and specializations in plant protection sciences, such as plant diseases, fungi, mycotoxins, biological resistance, viruses, insects, pesticides, mites, and agricultural and biotechnology). In addition to the teaching function in the preliminary and postgraduate studies, the department's employees conduct applied scientific research related to solving pest problems in the agricultural sector, as well as research output of an academic and experimental nature. The department also provides its services to the community through courses, seminars and training programs, whether for the governmental or private sectors, in addition to serving the community in identifying and diagnosing various pests and determining control methods. The Plant Protection Department includes a number of administrative and research units represented by many research laboratories and administrative committees that achieve the department's academic and research mission and community service in the field of entomology and plant diseases. The department aims to reach a better agricultural environment through which agricultural production can be increased in quantity and quality, while rationalizing the use of agricultural chemicals to the maximum extent possible and in order to achieve food security and environmental safety. The administration and professors of the department are determined to move forward in achieving the department’s mission and to achieve progress for our country with the help of God Almighty.

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