About the department:

The Department of Soil Sciences and Water Resources was established in 1993 as one of the three scientific departments in the college since its inception. The department has a distinguished and qualified teaching staff that includes: -

14 holders of the title of professor, 6 assistant professor, and 6 who hold the title of teacher .. Many male and female students have graduated from the department, whether in undergraduate or postgraduate studies for masters and doctorates


  Department Objectives:

The scientific interest of the graduates of the Department of Soil Science and Water Resources focuses on basic axes, which are the study of soil physics, modern irrigation methods, the construction of trocars, knowledge of plant water stresses as well as soil chemistry, movement of cations and ions and adsorption processes on them, as well as studies of soil fertility and the movement of nutrients and their absorption by the plant as well as surveys and classification Soils, creation of topographical maps and soil management for the agricultural fields in the country. Microbiological soil revival and its role in improving the soil's vital properties are also being studied.

Among the objectives of the Department of Soil Sciences and Water Resources is to prepare scientific cadres specialized in soil science and water resources to take an active role in building and developing the modern renaissance of Iraq.


The standing committees in the department:

The Scientific Committee

The examination committee

Graduate Studies Committee

The Committee for Inventory and Follow-up of Laboratories.

Laboratories in the department:

Soil and Irrigation Physics Laboratory

Chemistry and soil fertility laboratory

The microbiology laboratory is in the process qualification



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