Quality assurance

 Dr. Atyaf Abdul Qahar Younis

The Quality Assurance and Academic Accreditation Division is structurally and administratively linked to the Dean of the College and technically at the Quality Department in the Presidency of the University. This division consists of four units: the Quality Assurance Unit, the Laboratory Quality Unit, the Training and Technical Support Unit, and the Performance Evaluation Unit. During the following:
A- Follow up on technical details related to the implementation of the quality policy in the college and supervise its implementation, which is approved by the Quality Assurance and Accreditation Department at the University Presidency.
B - Developing and implementing quality plans and programs at the college level in line with the quality policies at the university level.
C- Following up on the implementation and evaluation of quality standards and academic accreditation approved by the Ministry and the University in this field.
W - Continuous improvement of the level of scientific and administrative performance of all employees and of all activities, operations and jobs in the college.
C- Creating an appropriate administrative, scientific and educational environment for the college’s members and students in order to advance the reality of practical and educational quality in order to achieve academic accreditation in the college.
H- Follow up on achieving the college’s vision, mission and goals on the ground, and give relevant indicators in this field.
G- Managing, controlling and documenting everything related to the evaluation of the performance of the college’s employees, including teachers and employees.
D- Establishing, preserving, documenting and making data and statistics related to quality work.

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