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Ecology ((Ecology


1. Definition of Ecology
2. importance
3. subdivisions
4. What relationship to other sciences?
Experts and specialists involved agree that environmental science at the moment occupies an important place between the basic and applied sciences.
Perhaps one of the most important modern man called to look into these serious environmental sciences are the different interactions between development activities
And the environment, which exceeded the local border into regional and global boundaries. And it became human looks at these developments as problems
Global States can not, however, taken together, to put frameworks and appropriate solutions. Note that the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment
In Stockholm in 1972, he gave the word "environment" a broad understanding, so that became the show more than just the natural elements
(Water, and air, and soil, and metals, and energy sources, and plants, and animals), but make it as a balance of physical resources
Social and available in and somewhere to satisfy human needs and aspirations of the time.
Ecology has emerged as a need to objectively looking at the conditions of the natural environment, or plant groups,
Or animals that live in them, and between organisms in this environment. Ecology and looking
for  individuals, groups and communities and ecosystems, and even in the live ball and is therefore considered a
Branches of the important neighborhoods where looking in living organisms and environmental habitats.
Ecology is defined as the science that looks at the relationship of living factors (of animals and plants and objects minutes)
With each other, and with the non-living factors surrounding it. A study on the development of the organism
Location, as well as the space environment and tries to science to answer some questions about the environment, including: How
Nature works, and how to deal with the other organisms or neighborhoods with the surrounding medium, whether
Chemical or natural. This middle-called eco-system, in which we find that it consists of components
Vivid and other dead or rigid. If, knowing the environment is the study of living organisms and their relationship, including around
And its impact on our relationship to the land.
A synonym of the environment is in English Environment. A term Ecology,
Derived from the word Okologie that proposed by the German zoologist Ernst Haeckel
(Ernest Haeckel 1869) to mean the animal's relationship with organic ingredients
And  an inorganic environmental .oosal word is derived from the Greek section Oikes
Which means House and Logos meaning science. And thus the word ecosystem is a science
Study places of living organisms and all that surrounds it.
The Ecology: -Ecology is the scientific study of the distribution and compatibility with living organisms
Surrounding environments and how these objects are affected by the mutual relations between neighborhoods and between all
Surrounding environments. Organism environment conditions include physical properties that make up the
Total local abiotic factors such as weather or geology (terrain), as well
Other organisms that share environmental habitat (based environmental) habitat.
Subdivisions of ecology
To facilitate the study of ecology and the allocation of the field of study, and developed several divisions of Ecology, including:
Ecology Animal Animal Ecology
Science Plant Ecology Plant Ecology
Ecology Department has expanded to include many branches related to it, including life management
Wild Wildlife Management and Forestry Forestry and paleontology environment
Paleoecology oceanography Oceanography and life science Geography
Ecology and Biogeography Pollution Ecology pollution and aware of environmental technologies
Ecological Technology and Ecology Physiological Physiological Ecology etc.
Like other sciences, it is difficult to separate ecology from other natural sciences and pure,
It is linked to all branches of biology is closely Kalvesaologia, and zoology,
Botany, biochemistry, and genetics and evolution, and behavioral science, molecular biology,
And biotechnology. Ecology is associated also with many other sciences, the most important
: Knowledge of statistics, so as to distribute the data obtained by environmental researcher distribution
Statistically, it uses computer analysis of the results and give the best means to display
And clarified. As well as it is associated with the knowledge of chemistry, physics, geology, engineering, agriculture in various branches. Sectional mission of the Department of the Environment Department of Environmental Health qualifies students during their studies in the department to deal With environmental problems and its health effects on living organisms and the most important rights and that their rehabilitation To work both in hospitals Awaldoairsahah which they can work within the Ministries of Health Aualbeih.Of the most important goals that the School of Environment seeks to achieve excellence in the preparation Alkuadralalmah areas For the planning, management and development of natural resources to work in all sectors, institutions and associations
And Alemrakzalbgesah, educational and advisory. And conducting research and applied scientific services
Fields of Earth Sciences, and the protection of Albaihostslah dry land, and the fight against
Desertification, Acetkhavostosmaralamwardatabieihmthela to Ckralziti, uranium and oil,
And raise the quality of raw materials and management natural resorces.
The existence of a comprehensive Masshalmah includes in its concept all Almwardatabieih Kalzeraih
The water and oil and mineral, and the desert, biodiversity and other well Alaguethama
Environment, requires the building of an integrated course Arkzaaly use of modern technologies including revenue
Geographical information systems, and network Ala_i_aran after significant Amuallomatahkosail
Calendar and follow-up and planning for the development of natural resources and the environment Mahafezhaly, to be a tributary
Whatever the requirements of local, Arab market special attention must be growing to conserve resources
Natural and deal with environmental problems in the region.
Ecology departments ..
There are many sections fall within the ecology of them ::
Molecular Biology.
Cell biology.
Organismic biology.
Study population.
Study gatherings.
Ecosystems science.
Ecologically population.
Sinokologgioalm MySQL environment.
There are also other types fall within this science; science oceans, Forestry and Ecology pollution,
And paleontology environment, geography and life science, and other many other types.






Ohmahhma science lies in his close relationship with the other natural sciences, it is linked to a Kberbaalm animal,
Botany and biochemistry, genetics, and behavioral science, and statistics, and physics, chemistry and science,
And other other types Ktarhmn science that can not be separated Obdaan this science. Kmaotkmen importance of this science also
Being in the note examines the nature of the environment in which living organisms, and the way objects harmony with the environment
He lives, and determine the best environment of the organism, and find out how nature works, and how chemical and physical interaction
Between the environment and the objects of the same, and the impact of all this on the planet.


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