About the department (objectives and outputs of the department)

A Brief View of History Department:

The Department of History is one of the departments of the College of Basic Education - Haditha / University of Anbar, established in 2019-2020.

Department's vision, mission and goals:

The vision:

1- Optimal employment of knowledge, scientific research and  scientific activities in the light of the needs of the Iraqi society in line with the standards of academic accreditation.

2- Building generations provided with knowledge, science, morals, patriotism and loyalty for the country and to develop the educational process.

3- Developing students' skills and refining them to be used in the educational, scientific field and training them in scientific research methods.

4- Working to implement the quality and credit quality assurance program according to the international program in order to meet the needs of the labor fields.

 the message:

1- Instilling human and national principles of the social customs and traditions.

2- Working to build a society that is able to cope with the global progress and achieve the development of the educational process at all levels.

3- Graduating a specialized university teacher capable of stating the level of educational performance.

4- Activating partnership and cooperation with similar colleges as well as the Ministry of Education.

Objectives and output:

1- Preparing competent teaching staff with the ability to teach social subjects in primary and intermediate schools.

2- Preparing a qualified staff in the department who possess practical technical skills that qualify them to transfer that experience to primary school students in particular and to others in general.

3- Preparing university teachers who hold a bachelor’s degree in history specialization.

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