Dean of College

Prof. Dr. Mudhir Abed Ali

Dean of College

The Dean’s speech

     Praise to almighty Allah, Lord of the words . Prayers and peace be upon the master of prophets and messengers, our Master Mohammed (peace upon him)  , upon his pure family and his companions , and upon those who follow them until the day of judgment . And yet.

     The College of Basic Education /Haditha is one of the important scientific edifices which had been created  within the innovation plan of the ministry of higher education and scientific research . It is one of Al-Anbar University’s colleges in Haditha district which became a necessary demand to improve the performance of educational institutions that related to ministry of education .

      The college lies to the west of  Al-Ramadi city ,the center of Al-Anbar governorate , exactly in Haditha district ,  on the banks of the Euphrates within the Haditha’s Dam complex . Choosing this location comes for many reasons , first its in the center of the governorate moreover the availability of all the possibilities to insure its successful . It contains Three departments , Arabic language department, General Science department and History department .

      The college seeks to achieve its vision by achieving the excellence in the fields of basic educational sciences and scientific research , that will participate in serving the society and achieving the goals , one of the most important of these goals is to produce a distinguished generation of an university teachers who are scientifically, intellectually and educationally qualified to raise the educational level in the schools , that also will develop the abilities of teaching institution members and the college employers . This will help to develop the whole educational process .

        The other aims  that all college’s programs obtain international academic accreditation during the Five years, as well as the lofty goal of community service through consultations , held seminars , lectures and training courses in both the fields of improving  linguistic skills in official talks and improving the computer skills , the college also does a scientific exhibitions to participate in developing the society , despite the newly established of the college , it was able to put its impact on society at all levels and it had distinguished  activities .

         In the term of new developments in the college , a master’s study has been established in Arabic Department for the year 2018-2019 , First group has been accepted . The college also seeks to establish new departments to meet the needs of the society , as well as that the college develops a public library and provides the library with many sources and references that meets the students’ needs in a variety of specialties , in addition of that, computers and scientific laboratories were provided in the general sciences department and for all it’s branches ( biology , chemistry and physics ) .

       Then , for providing a suitable buildings in the college , new study classes for Arabic and History Departments was developed along with seminars and conferences hall , also  students hostel was built inside the main campus of the college . All these achievements came by the direct help and continuous  effort  from The Chancellor of the University ,respected Prof. Dr. Khalid Battal Al-Najem , who was the best aid and support for  the college and providing it with all the necessary requirements and needs to complete it’s pioneering career .

     At the end we say, by the grace of God , and  in spite of all the difficulties , the college will remain giving the best during its scientific career and will stay as an intellectual source and scientific , cultural contribute to the society and to the region  . We will work day and night to develop it and make it a distinguished academic and scientific institution . we pray and request from the Almighty God to help us fulfilling the message and do all  the best we can to serve our dear students, the future builders and our beloved Iraq .

                                                    And from God , Help and Success .


The college Dean’s authorities:

First -The scientific authorities:

1-Follow up the progress of preliminary and higher studies to achieve the aims that come in this low and continuous improvement of the intellectual and educational situation .

2- Approving the recommendations of the councils and branches .

3- Approval of the distribution of academic subjects and semesters units to faculty members and lecturers , and formation of discussion committees  for theses and dissertations and setting their dates .

4- Apply all instructions and regulations which issued by the college’s council regarding the regulation of scientific and educational affairs and capabilities .

Second – Administrative  and financial authorities :

1- Apply all the issued instructions , regulations and laws regarding all the administrative and financial affairs .

2- Approval on the recommendations of the formed committees in the college.

3- Approval the students’ registrations in the preliminary studies.

4- Agreeing to purchase and import laboratory instruments , other supplies , magazines and books according to the applicable instructions.

5- Agreeing to pay rewards to those who are from out side the university for their efforts in training and teaching inside the college ,  for their participating in supervise on theses and dissertations , and for their participating in final exams committees and discussion committees according to the applicable instructions . 

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