About of Dep

About the department:

The Department of Computer Science was established in 1998 for morning and evening studies. It currently offers three programs: Bachelor’s in Computer Science, Master of Computer Science, and Doctorate in Computer Science. Since its establishment, the department has been keeping pace with scientific developments, and its research activities have diversified to solve many of the dilemmas faced by the various state institutions. The study materials taught in the Department of Computer Science at Anbar University mainly include computer programming methods and various programs for specialized purposes, study of computer structural parts, their installation, functions, programming methods, databases and their exploration, website and network programming, information security and artificial intelligence, as well as several materials associated with the aforementioned.


The department contains advanced human cadres and has teaching and scientific experiences for decades, as well as most of the doctoral and master's degrees in the department are granted by well-established international universities, in addition to that most of the staff members have prestigious scientific research published in solid international journals. Despite the simple capabilities available in its laboratories, the department's policy always seeks to produce excellent quality and efficiently qualified to go into the working life in the field of specialization. Therefore, most of our department graduates currently work in various private and governmental institutions and they have scientific competence, which makes them experienced in leading their jobs and overcoming the problems and obstacles present in work and the ability to diagnose problems and find effective solutions. In conclusion, we wish God Almighty success in our endeavors with the blessing of the efforts of all the department's cadres and the perseverance of our dear students. God grants success.


Department Message:

The department's mission is summarized in preparing, qualifying and supplying the labor market with distinguished graduates equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to solve problems, possessing functional intelligence skills and qualifying them to meet the needs of various government institutions and the labor market, and the ability to conduct scientific and applied research and provide consulting and training services in the areas of the specialized college.


 Vision of the department:

Our vision is for the department, together with the college, to be an "educational" research "edifice in its programs, educational curricula and scientific research, and seeks to achieve a prominent position among the relevant departments in Iraqi universities by providing and updating modern distinguished programs that focus on the requirements of the labor market and technological development.

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