The Activities Of The Second International Conference On Engineering Sciences And Information Technology Were Launched At The University Of Anbar

The Activities Of The Second International Conference On Engineering Sciences And Information Technology Were Launched At The University Of Anbar


Under the patronage of His Excellency the Minister of Higher Education and Practical Research, Prof. Dr. Nabil Kazem Abdul-Sahib, and under the supervision of the President of the University of Anbar, Prof. Dr. Mushtaq Taleb Saleh Al-Nada, the activities of the Second International Conference on Engineering Sciences and Information Technology (ESIT2022) were launched in the University of Anbar, which is held by the College of Engineering in cooperation with the College of Computer Science and Technology  Information for the period from 17-18 of this month, with the participation of (163) research by researchers from Arab and international countries.


 The conference began with the recitation of a verse from the Holy Qur’an, then the Iraqi national anthem was played, Surat Al-Fatihah was recited for the souls of the martyrs of Iraq, and two films were shown, the first simulating the scientific and urban progress of Anbar University, and the second talking about the faculties of engineering and computer.  Dr. Amir Abdul Rahman Hilal, Dean of the College of Engineering, and a speech by the representative of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Prof. Dr. Yassin Al-Bakri, and a speech by the President of the Conference, President of Anbar University, Prof. Dr. Mushtaq Taleb Al-Nada, in which he said that this conference comes in the context of the great steps taken by Anbar University towards scientific progress  In order to achieve the development of academic work in Iraqi universities and enhance integration between these universities and between institutions and government departments and the private sector in the service of our dear country and our honorable Iraqi society.


 Hence, the attention of Anbar University was directed to hold major international conferences in all scientific and humanitarian disciplines to achieve these goals.

  Then the conference sessions began with a lecture by Professor Diaa Al-Jumaili, followed by other scientific lectures.

The conference, which was attended by the assistant president of the university for administrative and scientific affairs and a number of Iraqi university presidents, researchers and scientists, aims to provide a comprehensive global forum for researchers, academics, scientists, students, engineers, industrial experts and practitioners to exchange ideas, participate, present recent research, and present the results of ongoing research in most modern fields of engineering and technology.  the information .

  At the end of the proceedings of the first day of the conference, the President of the University presented a bouquet of flowers and a shield of the conference to the representative of the Minister of Higher Education, and other shields to the heads of universities.

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