The Role of History in Combating Extremism and Rapprochement Between Nations
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The Role of History in Combating Extremism and Rapprochement Between Nations



The department of history at the college of education for humanities held an electronic workshop entitled (The role of history in combating extremism and rapprochement between nations) under the direction of the head of history department, Prof. Dr. Othman Abdul-Aziz Saleh Al-Mohamdi, and the presence of Prof. Dr. Taha Ibrahim Shabib, dean of the college. The workshop included several topics:

- The first topic was addressed by Prof. Dr. Ali Hussein Ali, entitled ‘The role of history in combating extremism’.

- The second topic was presented by Assist. Professor Dr. Wael Muhammad Saeed, entitled ‘Moderation in the age of prophecy’.

- The third topic was covered by Dr. Saad Abdel Halim Thanoun who discussed ‘The role of Muslim historians in confronting extremism’.

- The fourth topic was enclosed by Assist. Lecturer Ali Jassim Muhammad about ‘Extremism and terrorism in modern history’.

The workshop was concluded with a number of scientific recommendations which identified the benefits for teaching history due to its importance in understanding the past through the conclusion of the previous events in order to achieve superior goals. Those goals characterized by avoiding mistakes and keeping up with modernity which represents the correct historical understanding. Besides, the presenters warn that consequences of transmitting deviant and extremist thoughts via the current development in technology and social media, as well as, the danger of extremist thought among university students. Thus, it is necessary to encourage students in the department of history and other departments to educate society about the consequences of sectarian conflicts, encouraging dialogue, as well as, combating behavior and methods of extremism.


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