A Lecturer at University of Anbar Gets Patent
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A Lecturer at University of Anbar Gets Patent


Dr. Rabah Nuri Farhan, lecturer in Renewable Energy Research Center at university of Anbar, has got a patent from Central Organization for Standardization and Quality Control for the design of smart monitoring system for Iraqi water dams. This patent describes the design and implementation of wireless sensor system for monitoring the safety of Iraqi dams. The system consists of varied types of sensors distributed throughout the dam to collect data regarding the dam’s safety. These sensors are connected to a central controlling node. Additionally, fuzzy inference system was utilized to adapt and maintain the time for opening and closing the dam gate based on the dam’s condition. The system supports SMS communications for cross-country communication. The system application allows simultaneous collection and processing of data from the sensor to user through a suitable (C#) interface.

The system’s overall performance was evaluated based on a dam gauge. It demonstrates great performance and a high degree of variation in response to vibration and rapid increases of water level.

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