Sugarcane Management Project in Anbar Province
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Sugarcane Management Project in Anbar Province

Sugarcane is one of the most important national strategic crops as it can be a part of human nutrition and Iraqi meal. Also, it plays an important role in paper industry and furniture in addition to being a raw material for many transformative industries such as biofuels. It costs huge amounts of hard currency.

Anbar Province in addition to some other provinces is considered an appropriate environment and has the suitable climate for planting sugarcane and increasing productivity. A specialized trained team from department of field crops and nutrition science at the college of agriculture, University of Anbar in collaboration with with college of agriculture at the University of Diyala, has worked for the first time in Anbar on the planting process including (watering, adding fertilizers and removing all types of pests) for more than six months. This is why sugarcane in Anbar is characterized by its vegetative growth and leaves formation.

All processes have been done with self-reliance of the research team which has taken in consideration the follow up and periodic visits to set up this project for success.

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