Postgraduate studies

 The graduate studies were opened in our college in the academic year 1994/95 to obtain a diploma in the specialties of internal medicine, surgery, women, and obstetrics. He also holds a master's degree in the specialization of medical microbiology. In the academic year 1998/99, the study of higher diplomas in the specialty of pediatrics and a master's degree in the specialization of medical science was developed. In the 2010/11 academic year, a master's degree in community medicine was introduced.

Application controls for postgraduate studies inside Iraq for the academic year 2021-2022 with the forms required to apply.


Postgraduate Application Controls


Graduate Student Data

Form No. (500)


Business Journal for Graduate Applicants

Form No. (501)


Nominating the families of martyrs

Form No. (502)


Nomination of political prisoners

Form No. (503)


Written pledge

Form No. (504)


Interview form

Form No. (506)


Nomination of those covered by the Disability and Special Needs Care Act

Form No. (600)


Applicants for postgraduate studies covered by the Compensation Act for those affected by war operations, military mistakes, and terrorist operations.

Form No. (700)


CV. of graduate students

Form No. (2011)


Submission to the Research Missions Program (Graduate students)

Form No. (301)


Competitive examination materials for the study of PhD and master's degrees in microbiology in our college and the scientific backgrounds of the applicants for the two studies click on the following link.


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