Dr.yousif hindi khalaf 

head of department 

The department  was established in the academic year 2012-2013

:from the Union of two departments

1.      The Microbiology and Biotechnology department.

2.      The Medical Sciences department.

It is  one of the six main departments of the Faculty of Pharmacy University of Anbar and the largest of six which is involved in a total of thirteen clinical laboratory analysis and basic science subjects with the same global scientific standards.


The aim of establishing the department was to:

1.      Produce pharmacist with the ability to conduct all Medical and clinical laboratory techniques from simple mathematical calculation to result interpret of all waved, moderate and advanced laboratory technology.

2.      Comprehending  the biosafety, biohazard and risk management in a diagnostic laboratory.

On doing so graduated pharmacist will become a tributary and an essential element in health services, research, development and exploratory .

 The department  training  programs are supported by the Scientific Association of Colleges of Pharmacy in the Arab world and the Committee of Pharmacy College Deans of Iraq.

This program includes 447 hours theory Lectures and 362 hours practical training divided into courses from the first year  methods of laboratory analysis till the  clinical hospital laboratory training in the fifth year.

  The obligations and duties of the department to the society service is reflected by supplying hospitals, government and privet  health institutions with its expertise   through a conjoint venture  with the Ministry of Health.

Another conjoint ventures are with medical colleges and international universities to participate in there postgraduate master and PhD. Programs. 

 Workshops, seminars and advanced lectures in laboratory technology are set to be part of each member in the departments yearly job agenda.

     We are now in the process of completing all preliminary scientific laboratories and advanced research laboratories which extends to cover all the scientific curriculum till the final phase Platform of the College of Pharmacy;

          To be as we started…. the last depositors for new pharmacists.




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