ِAssistant lecturer: Wissam Rafeh Khalaf

Head of Pharmaceutical department

Pharmaceutical department

Profile of the department

The department was established at the end of the academic year 2012-2013 as a separate department in itself to be one of the six main departments of the college of Pharmacy, University of Anbar. Is the department under which the three main departments, namely the Department of Pharmaceutical Industry and the Department of Pharmaceutical Technology and the Department of Physico-Pharmacy to be parallel to scientific and global measurements, where the department contributes to the completion of scientific and practical information by satisfying the graduates of the college with the special sciences of preparation, study and development of pharmaceuticals and the tendency to obtain the maximum therapeutic effect of the drug with minimal side effects to be recognized and applied as well as pharmaceuticals and a key component in health services and research. Development and Exploration. The Pharmaceutics department has obligations and duties in the service of the community reflected in the provision of hospitals, health institutions and the laboratories of the manufacture of government and national medicine experts and competence in solving problems arising from the manufacture of medicine and encourage the local pharmaceutical industry specifications match the international companies in terms of quality and effectiveness and push the branch to encourage the teaching staff to coordinate and work together with government laboratories and hospitals of the Ministry of Health for joint research and maintenance Educational trips to the student is added to the duties of the main department in workshops, seminars and advanced lectures. We are now in the process of completing all the primary scientific laboratories that extend the coverage of the scientific curriculum to the final stage of the College of Pharmacy curriculum, as we started the latest depositors of the new pharmacists. In the same context and in a steady pace after the help of Almighty we are establishing the advanced research laboratories to be the example that is followed by all scientific research forums.                      

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