Vision ,Mission and Objectives




Graduation of cadres on the basis of scientific and strong and strong to contribute to the service of the medical community in all fields of pharmacy and the manufacture of medicines and medical facilities.


Mission :


- The development of knowledge and practical contribute to the latest technology methods in the manufacture of medicine and the supply of hospitals and health institutions and laboratories of the manufacture of government and national medicine specialists to solve the problems arising from the manufacture of medicine and promote the local pharmaceutical industry.




- Establishing solid pharmaceutical skills in the pharmaceutical industry.

- Build a new generation that holds a strong scientific background for its contribution to drug research and development.

 - Utilization of polymers in various fields, pharmaceutical research and drug manufacturing.

- The development of pharmaceuticals and the direction of the formulation of different doses of drugs in the form of tablets, injections, suspension,

    Solutions and others.

- Study of bioavailability and bioequivalence.


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