C.V for Dr. jasim H. Hassen

    The department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry has been established in the academic year 2012-2013. Chemistry is an essential element in the knowledge that the pharmacist accumulates, as the work of a graduated pharmacist is to deal with medications and their composition, which are therefore chemicals. In fact, the word “Al-chemist” in English means pharmacist.


    The number of theoretical hours provided to the student in the department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry is 432, and the number of practical hours is 288. This syllabus is approved by the Scientific Association of Colleges of Pharmacy in the Arab World and the Committee of Deans of Iraqi Colleges of Pharmacy. Throughout the completion of this syllabus, graduated pharmacist gains essential knowledge and practical expertise to deal with the chemical compounds, as well as the ability to create new chemical compounds that have therapeutic values. In addition, the pharmacist acquires the knowledge of advanced pharmaceutical analyses, which are used to identify chemical compounds in pharmaceutical preparations. All of this contributes to build accumulated skills that qualify the pharmacist to contribute in the field of pharmaceutical research and development.


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