Vision, Mission and Objectives




Excellence in pharmaceutical education, training and scientific research directed to developing pharmaceutical services dedicated to serving the patient and society at the local, regional and international levels.

 The Mission

Preparing students of undergraduate studies to be highly skilled pharmacists and high-quality professional specialization, scientists and educators, to provide scientific knowledge through education and scientific research, starting from the field of study to society, to instill the principle of continuous education, community service, and social responsibilities.

 College Goals


1.      Preparing professional graduates to apply pharmaceutical, social, administrative and clinical sciences for health care in a way that enhances the final outcome with high quality and health performance.

2.      Encouraging the state of ambition that fosters intellectual curiosity and reflective analysis committed to the principle of long-term education.

3.    Providing programs, services and resources that enhance the personal and professional growth of students, former students, and training and educational staff, in order to contribute to the advancement of clinical sciences, basic and pharmaceutical sciences.

4.   Contribute to developing the practice of the pharmacy profession through fellowships, research, and service to individuals, society and the profession.

5.     Encouraging the spirit of respect for social traditions, openness, transparency, diversity and good citizenship.


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