Vision, mission and objectives



Distinction in Continuing Education aimed at human resources development.


Learning and working to maximize the development of human skills to achieve integration between the university and the community.


The Continuing Education Center at our university aims at:

1. Linking the University with fields of work to confirm the required efficiency and contribute to the preparation of administrative and technical staffs.

2.Development of professional staff in the desired disciplines required according to updated scientific and global developments for the establishment and development of all projects.

3.Making Continuing Education  a window that overlooks the university to  the community and striving to provide its services and expertise for its development and progress.

4.Preparing the scientific, educational, professional, administrative and cultural programs as determined by the field of specialization or the party benefiting from the center’s activity for the purpose of rehabilitating and developing its work.

5.Providing opportunities for the faculty and professional staffs at our university to connect to the community and provide their expertise and take advantage of modern scientific experiments.







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