Woman Journal
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Journal of Academic Woman

An Academic, Cultural, and Social quarterly

The journal publishes articles and news in Arabic and English languages

Prof. Nasra U. Jadwe (PhD)-----Editor-in-chief

Assist. Prof. Zeina M. El-Sabti (PhD)----Editorial Manager

Instr. Isra A. Abduljalil (PhD)-----Editorial Secretary

Instr. Elham H. Abdulkareem (PhD)----------Translator

Editorial Board

1.  Assist. Prof. Dr. Iman Mahmood Hamadi- College of Arts

2.  Assist. Prof. Dr. Sarrab Fawzi Ismail- College of Medicine

3.  Lect. Dr. Haneen Shartouh Sharqi- College of Agriculture

4.  Lect. Dr. Nidhal Ali Hussain- College of Education for women

5.  Lect. Dr. Yusra Mahmood Hamadi– College of Sciences

6.  Lect. Dr. Noor Naji Radif- College of Medicine

7.  Lect. Dr. Hadeel Raad Tahseen- College of Education for women

8.  Assist. Lect. Dhamiaa Abd Najim- College of Medicine

9.  Assist Lect. Fatima Alzahraa Albatool Abdulwahid-College of Law and Political sciences

10.  Assist Lect. Marwa Abdulkareem Saud-College of Education and pure sciences

11.  Assist Lect. Afraa Amaash Kanaan- College of Sciences

12.  Mr. Amar Salman Hamadi- Public Relations and Media department