Speech of the Chairman of the Committee on Women's Affairs in the celebration of Anbar Health Department
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Speech of the Chairman of the Committee on Women's Affairs in the celebration of Anbar Health Department

Presenting a speech to the Chairperson of the Women's Affairs Committee in the celebration of Anbar Health Department Assistant Professor Dr. Zeina Mohammed Al-Sabti / Dean of the College of Pharmacy

It was:

"The Director General of the Anbar Health Department Dr. Khudair Khalaf Shalale. Gentlemen, all of them, in accordance with his address and respected position. Im filled with joy ,I am here and I do not say guest, but I say that I am in the place where I belong to. Here I was a specialist in ophthalmology before I joined the academic field, which is inseparable and does not depart from the Supreme Message of the Department of Health. Colleges of the medical group to strengthen the formations of the Ministry of Health where the patients find what relieves the suffering of the disease and release their plight. Ladies and Gentlemen The role of the Department of Health in our province has a great role in providing treatment and preventive services and others. Today, we are proud of the great efforts of the Oncology Department. We remind you with great pride that we have a constructive cooperation with Dr. Dr. Nabil Mazhar represented this by launching breast cancer awareness campaigns in cooperation with the Women Affairs Committee at Anbar University, which was formed under the guidance of Dr. Khalid Batal Al-Najem, President of Al-Anbar University, and took responsibility for the advancement of women. During the launch of a campaign that the time at the College of Education for Girls on 10/4/2018 for the early detection of breast cancer, followed by a campaign in the internal departments of the requests of the medical group The campaign continued and was the next stop at the Faculty of Engineering on 11/10/2018. " All thanks and appreciation to the employees of Anbar Health Department, headed by Dr. Khudair khalaf shalal ... With sincere prayers and good luck to the people of our province and our beloved country. Peace, mercy and blessings of God.