About the College




About the College:

  Upon its foundation in 2001-2002, the college of arts was comprised of three departments (Arabic Language, History, and Geography).The English Language department was inaugurated the next year., the department of sociology in 2004-2005, and the epartment of media in 2008-2009. Postgraduate studies started in the departments of History and geography in 2005-2006 and in the Arabic Language department in 2006-2007. The department of history started its PhD. Program in2008-2009. By 2014-2015 the total teaching staff members of the college was about 134 professors while the sub staff was about 53 employees. The total number of undergraduates up to this year is 1974 students and 104 postgraduates.

Degrees awarded by the college:

BA of arts by all departments of College

MA of arts (Arabic Language, Geography, History, & Sociology)

PhD. Of arts (Arabic Language –Literature & Language // History-Modern & Islamic history)

Study system:

Course module- Two - 15 weeks courses per academic year.

Language of Instruction:

Arabic & English languages are used in instruction according to the nature of the department. French language is used as a second language in the department of the English language.

Distribution of newly Admitted students on College Departments:

 1.     Newly admitted students are distributed on departments according to their choice, GCE average, mark of differentiation subject in GSE, and the carrying capacity of the departments. Selection is done by scientific committees in the departments. English language departments and media department admission is based on an entrance test.

2.     A one week period is given to students to enroll in their departments after publishing the distribution lists 

Students Hostel:

Anbar university presidency secured all requirements to host the students in its dorms. Students desiring to be hosted should contact the employee in charge of students' hostel in the college to fill the relevant form

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