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block chain


block chain

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The commercialization of block chain has got the facility to convert global trade finance and unlock trillions through the process of cost-saving mode in an extensive range. In classical accounting, every financial society has its own framed ledger which validates their businesses and balance of its customers . For the case of block chain, it is considered to be a connection of the computer that contains a common public register that has a record of all the significant transactions. Block chain is known as a particular database that be different from the representative databases in the procedure of storage information. Block chain stores data in defined blocks which are linked together. When new data comes in it is moved to a new block and when that block fills up it is chained up with the preceding blocks . In the case of cryptocurrency or to be precisely stated, blockchain in Bitcoins is used in a decentralized way in which no single user or group can have governor but all the users in a cooperative form can retain control.

Today’s world has a never-ending requirement for enhanced efficiency. This statement can be extended to almost every field and manufacturing like finance, authority and healthcare. Educational schemes are no exclusion for a need of including latest technology to improve their overall consistency. Blockchain technology allows the basis of a decentralized environment where data is not under the control of any external organization. All the transaction operations ever completed is recorded in a public ledger constantly. This technology is expected to transform the functioning of business, industry, and education and promote the quick expansion of knowledge-based economy on a worldwide scale. Blockchain technology is dispense in nature and uses the agreement procedures and cryptograph techniques to control the structures of decentralization, immutability, traceability, and service properties. These properties have the probable potential to prompt many advanced applications for education. Block chain can gather and save a whole set of archives of all the educational actions including the process and results in formal as well as informal learning environments. Also, it registers teachers’ teaching act and hence supply a situation for teaching evaluation. In this way, block chain has countless potential applications for both students and teachers .

Trust relations in the structure manufacturing concern people from community such as clients, contractors, subcontractors, and dealers (Lau and Rowlinson, 2010).
Earlier researches studies have shown that reciprocal trust helps to sleek the creation process, allows flexibility for facing uncertainty, growing up the productivity and assist long-term dealings. In practice, proper contractual rules are always developed to validate behaviors and plans at odds (Kadefors, 2004). However, present contractual associations are mostly based on confrontational circumstances that reproduce the level of trust (or mistrust) in the agreement papers, which can be the core to growth the entire cost of a explicit mission (Zaghloul and Hartman, 2003). Today international contracting becomes common and the difficulty of the structure projects is growing (Lau and Rowlinson, 2010). These projects need not only advanced structure technology transfer but also a mutual project details circumstances with fair data argument. Conservative constricting approaches and information exchange technologies are far from the industry requirements.

Blockchain technology which started with the general crypto currency Bitcoin allows digital information to be spread without copied or changed. In the conventional structure manufacturing, data are kept at a essential database which can be login to it from various locations. The security
problem is the essential manner because the transaction data could be changed by a hacker. The blockchain technology is different, which can be handled as a database that is shared
on a peer-to-peer network. Transactions are grouped together in blocks in a certain time and then added to a standing chain. These blocks cannot be changed once they are added to the chain, which makes the chain of transactions publicly verifiable and totally safe from the hackers .

Trust is the main factor  of blockchain technology. If the construction business or activities are executed on a blockchain system, contributors involved don't need to have an established trust relationship if they trust the blockchain itself. In addition, blockchain technology takes
care of the information exchange by making every participant of the project a custodian of all the information flowing through the project lifecycle. Unlike Internet information exchange where information is passed from point to point, in Blockchain, the same information is passed across to the whole system. Therefore, no persons including the sender have more information than others.
A construction project is a network of hundreds of processes, participants, products, and materials. Money transaction and/or data exchange are frequently made along with project progressing. There are important number of arguments and proceedings occurring during construction. Although another procedures like payment terms and data confidentiality are outlined in a contract or an agreement, arguments often arise over the stipulations of the agreed protocols.



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