About the department (objectives and outputs of the department)

A Brief View of General Sciences Department:

The Department of General Sciences is one of the departments of College of Basic Education - Haditha / University of Anbar, established in 2012-2013, with three branches: (Biology, Chemistry and Physics). Specialization starts at the second stage and the department has graduated four courses so far.

    Evening study was introduced in the department in 2017-2018.

Department's vision, mission and goals:

The vision:

      Our vision for the Department of General Sciences is to be able to keep cope with the latest scientific and practical technologies in the field of natural sciences and achieve excellence in the scientific side and provide society with qualified graduates who are able to teach and advance the educational process in the field of general science and provide the community with human potentials to work in the sectors related to biology, chemistry and physics.

The message:

        The Department of General Sciences seeks to graduate university teachers in the fields of general sciences (biology, chemistry and physics) who possess scientific and teaching skills and are scientifically and educationally qualified and have awareness of community problems and needs.

Objectives and output:

       The main objective of the department is to provide the community with human potentials and staff working in various learning and educational fields as well as the industrial sectors through:

1- Graduating teachers of physics, chemistry and biology studies, who have high-level qualifications and are capable of updating the basic infrastructure in the field of general sciences.

2- Developing the ability of students and providing them with modern technologies and experiences and providing services to society and the labor fields.

3- Building leadership qualities for graduates by training them to work as a team.

4- Supporting and providing a good work environment for students and faculty members.

5- Providing Care and support for the brilliant students and encouraging them. 

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