students Affairs

Mr. Ahmed Shatte Ali

Administrator student Affairs and Registration Division



Students Affairs and Registration Division:


1-    Administering, organizing and following up student affairs for students of preliminary studies in the college and coordination with all concerned with the relevant authorities.

2-    Follow up the implementation of the plan to accept the preliminary studies of the College and provide a study if the emergence of the results of the central acceptance.

3-    Prepare educational studies calendar for different student phenomena and make appropriate recommendations when required or the issuance of laws or instructions should be evaluated.

4-     Management and organization of the admission of graduates through a special committee proposed to be formed annually.

5-    Signing documents and certificates of merit for graduates.

6-    Preparing the publications of the resolutions and instructions and laws students periodically and in order to ensure the continuation of issuance.

7-     Supervising the performance of work in the department and follow-up activities of employees and the distribution of tasks and responsibilities among the employees of the department and contribute to the development and improvement of work performance.

8-    Representing the department in conferences, scientific and educational seminars, and standing and temporary committees.



1-    All the decisions and instructions of the students issued by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research to the colleges and follow up their implementation and answer the queries received in respect thereof.

2-    Recommendation and ratification in all matters concerning students who are listed in the minutes of the boards of colleges and institutes (postponement, failure, punctuation restriction, failure to fail, disciplinary punishment, etc.

3-    To consider the applications submitted by the students of the college according to the student instructions and the decisions issued by the ministry and the university.

4-     Answer the books received from the ministry related to student affairs in colleges and institutes of the university after standing on the curriculum and see the Deanship of the Faculty of each case.

5-     Implementing the Ministry's books regarding the forgery students and their imams on the colleges, institutes and the media of the college or the institute to take legal action against them.

6-    Informing the Ministry of cases of forgery of student documents.

7-    Preparing the attitudes of the students or the required data or information.

8-    General instructions for students restrictions and access to the College and answer to inquiries about them.

9-    Follow-up of the audit of documents for the preparatory study of the admissions in each academic year.

10- Answer the observations and inquiries of the Department of Supervision and Finance in respect of student affairs as well as counterfeit students and the examination of documents for students admitted to colleges and university institutes.

11- Coordinate with the Legal and Administrative / Legal Department about the measures taken in the field of disciplinary penalties for students as well as counterfeit students.

12- General instructions for the loss of records (Masters) and send years lost and according to the scientific sections to the Ministry and answer the queries in this regard.

13- Organizing the movement of students between colleges and universities and according to instructions received from the ministry. 

14-  The implementation of the orders to and from our colleges received by the Ministry / Central Admission.

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