Administrative Unit

unit dealing with administrative matters competent and staff of  Faculty, and  this unit is under the supervision of Associate Dean for Administrative Affairs, and take it upon themselves to archived files of staff and Alderson and follow-up and completion bonuses and promotions to employees of the college and the issuance of the official books issued by  the college to address the presidency of the university and other official bodies.

Unit official: Sobhi Safar Majeed

Certificate: BA

Specialization: Chemical engineering

Official email:


The administrative unit carries out the following tasks:

1- Receiving mail from outside the college and from the official authorities and distributing it to the college units and departments according to the books ’returns.

2- Issuing, supplying and supplying official books.

3- Issuing appointments orders.

4- Issuing administrative orders for faculty and staff affairs.

5- Issue disengagement and direct orders.

6- Granting leave forms to teachers and employees.

7- Preserving personal files.

8- Sending mail issued from the college to the concerned authorities.

9- Issuing orders to end services and refer to retirement.

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