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College & Department

 college units

College Units

 Public Relations and Media

it is the unit responsible to highlight special activities at the college and supervision of the activities that highlight the interface college during the year, the unit responsible for organizing and coordinating the programs and seminars provided by the branches of the college and work very hard and diligently to organize graduation ceremonies and annual concerts dating students first stage and to organize a visit of delegations tocollege in terms of coordination and secure meetings with gentlemen in college according to officials at the organizational level and to highlight activities within the various media .

 Administrative Unit A unit dealing with administrative matters competent and staff of Faculty of Medicine, and this unit is under the supervision of Associate Dean for Administrative Affairs, and take it upon themselves to archived files of staff and Alderson and follow-up and completion bonuses and promotions to employees of the college and the issuance of the official books issued by the Faculty of Medicine to address the presidency of the university and other official bodies

  Free library unit

It is the unit responsible for the distribution of textbooks for the students of the Faculty of law and poliltical science .

Stores Unit


Legal Unit

It is a unit of the College of Medicine and its duty is to oversee the legal work in the college, job boards investigative, and work contracts for clubs and stalls and arenas, investigation and audit documents for students, staff and faculty, and committees discipline students, and is the legal representative of the Faculty of Medicine

Accounts Unit

Duties carried out by the unit in accordance with the laws applicable and outgoing:

1. organize lists of daily wages and wage contract with college and send it to the university and follow-up for the purpose of disbursement of wages.

2. Support and organized public daily records and ledger.

3. organization and preparation of the final accounts and trial balance to fund higher education in our college for the year ended.

4. Preparation of all final accounts and sent to the Office of Financial Supervision end of the year for the purpose of verification


Student Affairs Unit

The Student Affairs Unit of the complementary units Registration Division of the Faculty of law and political sceince , the role of the student affairs unit senior is the main link between the students and the Dean in all its branches and departments.

Tasks and student affairs unit by applicable laws:

Provide students with the housing form internal departmental

  Divide students into groups depending on your partition key at every stage

Release the identities of students

follow up of the Students and issuing administrative orders in case of their absences

Providing students with the medical examination form

Sort Schedule periodic meetings between students and the Dean

Follow-up of students in case of delayed student returns to help books curriculum Students

urged to pay attention to the common attire decision and follow-up work on the subject.

Educational Guidance by file numbers contain the groups of students distributed by Dean of the Faculty of Medicine under supervision of faculty members

Urged the students to participate in student conferences, which is carried out annually presidency of the university

Scientific Affairs and Postgraduate Studies

These relate to the unit directly related to the office of Mr. Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Graduate Studies in our college and the Department of Scientific Affairs and Graduate Studies at the University of administratively and technically. Includes scientific affairs unit sub-units of the following:

1. postgraduate unit

2. Scientific Affairs Unit

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