college units

Legal Unit

The legal unit undertakes the organization of the legal affairs of the college in all its joints in terms of organizing the guaranty legal guaranty transactions, as well as organizing employee guarantees as well. These committees are in accordance with the laws and regulations in force in addition to making all pledges, whether for students or employees and teaching staff, as well as completing the daily mail of the unit.


Scientific Affairs and Postgraduate Studies Unit:

The Scientific Affairs Unit is one of the units that follow to   the office of the Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs and Graduate Studies. This unit is concerned with unifying the research and scientific output of researchers and teaching staff in the scientific departments and research units.

Unit tasks:

1-     Annual statistics (educational, cultural, scientific, educational, research published or accepted for publication, prepared and translated) according to a database prepared for this purpose.

2-    Circulating the controls and directives received from the Department of Academic Affairs in the presidency of the university on all faculty formations.

3-    Promote thanksgiving and appreciation transactions granted by the university presidency to researchers and professors who publish their researches in discreet international journals within the approved global containers.

4-    Promote patent transactions to value efforts.

5-    Appraising the efforts of the resident professors for research published in solid international journals.

6-    Academic sabbatical for professors and researchers within the program of cooperation with state institutions inside and outside Iraq.

7-    The reliability of publishing in international magazines within the approved containers for publishing, promotion and coordination with the Scientific Promotion Unit.


Cultural Relations Unit:

The Unit for Cultural Relations is one of the accredited units in the organizational and administrative structure of the universities, colleges and institutions of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, it has direct contact with the Dean's assistant for scientific affairs and postgraduate studies. Among the most important activities of the Cultural Relations Unit are the follow-up of the teaching and staff of the College inside and outside Iraq to take-part in conferences, courses and seminars related to the development of the higher education and scientific research.


Website and Internet Unit:

1- That 1 the location of the college be the primary reference for professors, students and alumni all in all scientific and practical aspects related to them.

2-Covering all service aspects that will facilitate the process of obtaining information and answering all requests from all over the world in a short time, similar to institutions in the civilized world.

3- It strives for work to register in the College of Languages with the approved electronic system.

4- Publishing lectures for scientific departments.

5- Activating the role of the electronic library more broadly.


Planning Unit:

The unit of planning and follow-up of the units accredited in the organizational and administrative structure in the universities, colleges and institutions of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and have direct contact with the Dean's assistant for scientific affairs and postgraduate studies.

The unit of planning and follow-up plays an important role in the administrative work process through the work of statistics and the development of future plans for the development of administrative work. The most important activities of the Planning and Follow-up Unit are:

(Annual statistics, Semester activity, annual achievement index, setting the report of the reality of the operating movement, submitting monthly reports to the university presidency on combating corruption, in addition to monitoring the changes that occur in the college at the academic and administrative level and updating the information continuously).


Administrative unit


1- Transfer services to and from the college.

2- Issuing appointments orders.

3- Issue disengagement and direct orders and issue orders to terminate services and refer to retirement.

4- Granting licenses to employees and teachers.

5- Preserving personal files.

6- Sending mail to and from the college.

7- Editing apology books.

8- Issuing and supplying official books.

9- To approach the official departments and issue administrative orders related to personnel and teaching affairs.


Library Unit


1- Indexing and classifying books according to the Dewey Decimal International Classification System that arrives at the college library after the process of inserting them with the entry documents.

2- Arrange the books on the shelves according to their sections and according to the Dewey Decimal Classification System in force in the library.

3- The library unit lends books to beneficiaries of students of primary and higher studies.

4- It lends the modern periodicals that reach the library to the beneficiaries.

5- Lending letters and theses in the library for reaching the beneficiaries.

6- Making annual and periodic statistics related to books, periodicals and references.

7- Make an annual inventory of books and references.

8- Holding training courses for the college departments libraries.

9- Return books borrowed according to their location on the shelves.


Psychological Counseling and Educational Guidance Unit:

The psychological counseling and guidance unit is one of the most important units that provide dear students with psychological guidance and assistance, how to use time and energy, and develop the student's skills to work and study and for the purpose of reaching its goals and achieving them in accordance with these capabilities. For the student inside the college.

Among the tasks that the unit is keen to establish:

1- The establishment of courses and workshops by members of the unit on an ongoing basis in order to extend the horizon of communication with students for educational and psychological rehabilitation in the light of university instructions.

2- Holding awareness seminars in all psychological, cultural and social fields.

3- Emphasizing on scientific and academic aspects and developing educational competence through continuous effort with students.


Accounts Unit:


1-    Holding the exchange documents, determining the required tools, organizing the exchange documents and specifying them according to the unified accounting system.

2-    Organizing the documents of arrest and sending them in the records of the Fund and matching them.

3-    Deposit of the amounts received through the organization of a deposit at the exchange deal with him and within the special account of the College.

4-    Keeping records of salaries of employees and teachers and the number of monthly payroll lists and migrate them to the calculator.

5-Preparing the various deduction statements that fall within the responsibility of the employees of the other departments.

6-  Keeping the record of expenses and the daily record of the public through the transfer of documents on exchange.

7-  Prepare the monthly audit balance (list of expenses, income list, and bank statement, paid instruments).

8-  Preparation of final accounts at the end of each financial year.

9- Conducting various financial analyzes for the purpose of matching and extracting data, especially liquidity analysis.


Student Affairs Unit

It takes upon itself to take care of students ’affairs, following it up from the beginning of their admission to the university until their graduation, and among the tasks assigned to it are the following:

1- Receiving and registering new students.

2- Distributing students to colleges and departments according to their desires in line with ministerial instructions and sending their admission lists to the departments.

3- Issuing administrative orders for the admission of new students, failure orders for students by absence, disciplinary penalties, and promotion of registration.

4- Follow up and save the files of the existing students.

5- Promote transportation transactions to and from the university in accordance with the regulations and instructions.

6- Organizing the admission of Arab and foreign students to the university after receiving books transferring them from the ministry.

7- Organizing the admission of students with equivalent certificates after being nominated by the Ministry.

8- Checking the documents of students admitted to the university.

9- Completing statistics, answering incoming books on all student affairs, and preparing a fortified database that includes comprehensive information for all students admitted to the university, whose information is updated daily according to the changes that occur to students.

10- Preservation and daily maintenance of the files of students graduating from the university (electronic and paper preservation in the file).


Register unit

1- Registration of first-stage students after receiving the central admission lists through the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (central admission, early institutes, distinguished students, expatriate students, parallel private government education ... etc.).

2- Checking the documents of first-stage students, all their books, and the books on transferring students from the children of professors in the Ministry Center.

3- Issuing administrative orders for transferring and amending the nomination of students to and from our college.

4- Issuing administrative orders for hosting students to and from our college.

5- Forming a committee of department officials in the morning registration for the student scholarship.


Stores Unit:

1- Receiving materials from furniture, equipment, materials, maintenance, stationery, etc., and placing them in the warehouse allocated to them after classification process and classification according to the type and type of each article.

2- Processing the departments and units in the college and according to the requests submitted to the warehouse unit after approval by the Dean.

3- The entry of the materials installed in the Fundamental Arrivals after being purchased by the Procurement Committee and approved by the Dean.

4- Deletion of the units and sections and then they are transferred to the migration records.


Sport Unit

It is the unit specialized in preparing the scientific generation physically and healthily, and that this unit helps in advancing scientific development by wide steps. Whenever the body is healthy, the mind is healthy, and it is the unit responsible for overseeing sports activities and includes the numbers of college teams in various sports divided according to the talents and creativity of students and work on Supplying the university's national teams for the external participations at the local and international levels. It is the unit responsible for supervising the stadiums and sports competitions within the college and is responsible for providing sports equipment for the student.


Maintenance and Services Unit:

The tasks of this unit include the job description of the tasks below:

1-  Maintenance of all types, requirements and components of fixed property in the college, including building maintenance in terms of the following:

-   Electrical installations.

-   Water foundations.

-  Sewer foundations.

-   Devices maintenance.

-  Garden maintenance.

-  Maintaining the operation of the generator.

2-  Providing services, including diligent work in order to show the college a decent appearance, through follow-up and supervision of cleaning the buildings and offices of the college, through a specialized staff. This work is carried out alongside the maintenance activity and is complementary to it in advancing the college to the required level in its service and administrative performance.



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