Population, food, and the coming up starving ghost              University of Anbar is part of the team charged with studying and determining the path of the green belt in the province              The role and impact of legal legislation in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals              THE WATER IS THE MOTHER OF EARTH              The University of Anbar participates in the meeting of the ISO Energy Committee in Anbar Governorate

(For the first time in 46 years) Measuring flood discharges for several valleys in the western region


((In numbers)) Learn about the amounts of rainfall and water incomes for the floods of the valleys of the upper Euphrates


A program to raise awareness of the importance of caring for the environment, rationalizing consumption and public health

the staff of terminal station in Haditha records the measurement of runoff discharges for several valleys in the western region of Iraq

The planning and Databases Department at the UEBDC records data on the amounts of rainfall and runoff in the valleys of the Upper Euphrates

The (UEBDC) implements an awareness program to achieve sustainable development goals, especially concerning the environment, water and public health



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