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  The Faculty of Agriculture / Anbar University is located in the city of Ramadi - the governorate center at the eastern entrance of the city and on the old road linking the city of Fallujah - Khalidiya - Ramadi, adjacent to the preparatory professional agriculture


Overview :
The Faculty of Agriculture / Anbar University was established in 1993 in the city of Ramadi on an area of 93 dunums. The study started in the academic year 1994/1995, where 150 students were admitted and three scientific sections were the soil, water, field crops, pastures and livestock. In the year 2000/2001. In 2003, the Department of Plant Protection and Food Industries was opened. In 2008, the Department of Agricultural Economics was established, thus the number of departments in the College is (7) scientific departments qualified to prepare the students and provide them with the latest agricultural knowledge and skills For cutting, In 1999, a master's study was conducted in Soil, Water, Field Crops and Livestock Sections, as well as the introduction of a PhD study in the Soil, Water and Livestock Departments. In 2008, a PhD study was introduced in the Field Crops Department and Master's Degree in Horticulture and Garden Engineering. Primary studies in different agricultural disciplines are more than (3000) students, and the number of graduates who hold higher degrees from the doctorate and master's degree is more than (150) graduates, and is associated with the Faculty Agricultural Advisory Office, which includes a group of professors from various disciplines The College also publishes the Anbar Journal of Agricultural Sciences, which publishes scientific research for teachers and researchers. The college includes plastic and glass houses and wooden shade for the purpose of developing research on protected agriculture and vegetable production, as well as the number of agricultural, Of the poultry fields for the production of meat broiler and raising of white chickens in addition to two fields for the breeding and fattening of cattle, sheep and barbells, as well as an integrated plant for the food and dairy industries was launched during this year, in addition to the existence of an integrated solution for As well as the rehabilitation of the irrigation systems and the sprinkling of the sprinkler systems for the purpose of use in the rehabilitation of agricultural fields. In addition, the college rehabilitated scientific laboratories and was equipped with the latest scientific equipment and glassware for use by students in scientific experiments and developed the Central Laboratory for graduate students and It will provide the facilities related to conducting chemical and physiological analyzes for graduate students, researchers, government departments and the private sector. Laboratory furniture and offices Administrative rooms, classrooms and teaching staff in addition to the presence of an integrated unit Internets college provides advanced computers for the purpose of securing access to scientific research from different sources .

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