College Council


Agriculture College Council 


Prof. Dr. Idham Ali Abed

   Deans of Collage / Council Chairman 


  Assist. Prof. Dr. Mohammed Al-Issawi  

 Dean Assistant for scientific & student affair



Prof. Dr. Mohamed Abdel Moneim Hassan

 Dean Assistant for Administrative Affairs



Assist. Prof. Dr. Salwan M. Abdulateef

Secretary of Agriculture College Council

Waqas Mahmood Abdel Latif

.Head of Soil and Water Resources Dept

 Thafer Thabit Mohammed

Head of Animal Production Dept.

 Assist. Prof. Dr. Osama Hussein Mhaidi

Head of Field Crops Dept.


Prof. Dr. Sameer Abed Ali Al-Isawi

 .Head of Horticulture and Garden Engineering Dept

   Prof. Dr. Ayoob Obaid Alfalahi

 Head of Plant Protection Dept.


 Assist. Prof. Dr. Ahmed Abdulrahman Majid

 Head of Agricultural Economics Dept.

 Assist. Prof. Dr. Ali Ameen Yaseen

 Head of Food Science Dept.


Assist. Prof. Dr. Ahmed Chyad Ali

 Representative of Teaching Staff


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