Dean assistant for Administrative affairs


Assist Prof. Dr. Faiz Tahseen Fadhel Alkhamisi


Dean Assistant for Administrative and Financial Affairs



General specialization: Field crops

Precise specialization: plant genetics and biotechnologies

Authority of Dean Assistant for Administrative Affairs:

The Assistant Dean of the College exercises the following authority to facilitate his employee’s mission:

Administrative authority

1- Assigning the work of the administrative and technical employees to the entire sections according to work requirements to ensure the college’s interest and needs

2- Issuing appointment, retirement and resignation orders, except for what is related to the implementation of the former Revolutionary Command Council Resolution No. 550 of 1989.

3- Approving the granting of regular leaves for technicians, administrators, to enjoy it inside and outside Iraq.

4- Recommending to promote the faculty’s technicians and administrators.

5- Approving the assignment of college staff and its members for additional duties.

6- Approval of accepting medical reports, inside and outside Iraq, for the faculty members. All reports shall fulfill the rules and provisions for the Sick Leaves No. 76 of 1959 and its amendments.

7 – Moving in the administrative staff of the college in accordance with the requirements of the public interest and in coordination with the Deanship of the College and the heads of scientific departments.

8 - Signing the granting of regular leaves, summer vacations, and legally prescribed bonuses to those who are referred to retirement from the faculty.

9- Signing the annual forms of bonuses and promotions of the employees, administrators and technicians.

10- Issuing maternity and childbirth leave to according to the in force laws

11- Under his management is the Administrative Unit and the Legal Unit in addition to the Warehouse Unit and the Maintenance & Service Unit.


Financial authority

1 - Agreeing to referring statements and extra times according to the specified committees and in agreement with the general clauses and laws of contracting.

2- Granting cash and incentive rewards to its distinguished members not exceeding (ID 10,000) ten thousand dinars in each case.

3- Distributing necessary financial allocations between the scientific departments and in coordination with the heads of scientific departments.

4- Approval on granting  allowances of delegation to the faculty members , teaching staff , administrators and technicians  inside and abroad on due periods .

5- Approval the granting vocational, engineering, risks, and other allocations according to regulations and instructions.

6- Recommending the referral of the department’s employees to investigation in accordance with the State Employees Discipline Law.

7 - Issuance of the special administrative of lecturing  by the associate or external lecturers in coordination with the college deanship , enlisting records and the special forms and checking them   according to the related administrative orders , pursuing their funding by the department after coordinating with the financial unit.


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