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Dean Speech       

Our College was established in 1993 in the city of Ramadi on an area of ??93 dunums, which started in 1994-1995. The number of scientific departments that have been developed so far is 7 sections: Soil and Water Resources - Animal Production, Field Crops, Horticulture and Garden Engineering, Prevention Plant, food science and agricultural economics. All of these departments have postgraduate studies except for the Food Science Department and are on their way. The journal publishes a scientific journal entitled "Anbar Journal of Agricultural Sciences". The College has provided a number of workshops, seminars and conferences. The College has actively contributed to the project of planting one million trees in Anbar province and the implementation of several joint research projects with the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Oil and the Ministry of Agriculture As well as a number of pilot projects supported by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. The College started two years ago to implement the directives of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research to move to the productive colleges. Our College worked in this field in the actual production in the Department of Horticulture, Garden Engineering, Food Science, Field Crops and Animal Production, and the establishment of the annual food products exhibition for the Food Science Department on this day. Clear on that. The evening study for the academic year 2017-2018 opened in three scientific sections: field crops, horticulture, garden engineering and food sciences. A number of our faculty have also received patents in various scientific fields

          The number of graduates since the establishment so far as follows:

2541 Certificate holders (bachelor)

275 degree holders (Masters)

81 degree holders (PhD)

The College consists of (156) teaching staff distributed according to scientific degrees

20 Professor

Assistant Professor

54 teachers

Assistant teacher

             Because of what we has suffered over the past three years of the conditions of displacement and displacement, and we have been able, thanks to God Almighty and the help and support from both the official institutions of our dear Iraq to overcome this great ordeal. As we look forward to the final return to the original site of our university in the city of Ramadi in the next academic year, God willing, after the hardworking people of this university decided to rebuild , repair and rehabilitate a large part of the buildings and facilities with high vigor and determination not relent after being destroyed by the bad guys and the terrorists.Thus relying on the great support given to us by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research , all its institutions and the university's own potential and its dedicated staff ,we have determined since the official announcement to liberate the city of Ramadi from the evil aggressors and after we received the great support of the President of the University and officials at all levels,

         And the efforts of the sincere officials , teachers and staff of our college to rehabilitate, repair and restore what is possible and the efforts and potential of the College. We were able to start continuous in our original site in the city of Ramadi in the academic year 2016/2017 half the number of students and staff and all scientific sections. The other half will be enrolled in the beginning of the next academic year 2017-2018, God willing. Thus, Anbar University tells you a story of success and perseverance to continue the scientific journey to achieve the noble goals they have entered into.

In conclusion, I ask God to keep our precious Iraq safe and well from all evil .


Peace, mercy and blessings of God 


The duties and powers of the Dean:

      The Dean of the College exercises the following powers to run the College's work and to implement its objectives:

     Scientific powers

      The Dean of the College exercises the following scientific powers:

1. Implementation of decisions of the University Council regarding the College

2. Management of the college in terms of scientific, administrative, educational, cultural and financial.

3. Follow up the progress of primary and higher education in the college.

4. Presiding the College Council and the scientific bodies therein and submitting their minutes to the President of the University for approval.

5. Prepare quarterly and annual scientific reports on the activities of the college.

6. Approval of the recommendations of the boards of departments and branches.

7. Scientific and administrative supervision of the activities of scientific departments and consulting office.

8. Recommending the appointment of heads of scientific departments and assistants of the Dean.

9. Application of all instructions and regulations issued concerning the organization of scientific and educational affairs and decisions issued by the College Council.

10. Inviting the College Council to meet in extraordinary sessions.

11. Forming the main committees in the college and issuing its own administrative orders.

12. Forming the examination committees for the college and the committees to print the exam questions.

13. Evaluate the annual performance of faculty members in consultation with the head of the department or the scientific branch

14. Representation of the College in meetings and seminars.


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