Dean assistant for scientific & student affair


Asst. Prof. Dr.  Mohammed Hamdan Edan Al-Issawi



Dean Assistant for Scientific and student Affairs


General Specialization: field crops


Specialization: plant genetics 



 The main tasks of the Assistant Dean for Scientific and student Affairs: -

1- Organizing weekly  schedules and in coordination with the scientific departments on the basis of lectures auditorium for a better progress in both undergraduate and post graduate studies.

2- Organizing the weekly schedules, in coordination with the scientific departments and in the light of the auditoriums for a better teaching in the undergraduate and postgraduate studies.

 3- Supervising the record of the weekly lectures prepared for this purpose, including covering all hours prescribed for each subject and according to the instructions in this regard.

 4- Supervising the absentees register and applying the instructions in force against students whose absences exceeded the permissible rates.

5- Following up the attendance of postgraduate students and their discipline in accordance with the regulations and instructions in force.

 6- Checking applications for admission to postgraduate studies after receiving them from the scientific departments, unifying them and submitting them to the university presidency.

 7- Checking cases of transferring postgraduate studies from other universities to the postgraduate studies in the college and referring them to the specialized scientific departments for consideration and addressing the relevant authorities.

 8- Following up of postgraduate students in terms of time periods and their full time readiness to study in accordance with the regulations and instructions.

 9 - Participating in the meetings of the study committees in the college when invited by it to discuss matters of postgraduate studies according to the specialization of the departments in a way that guarantees good performance.

 10- Preparing the discussion statement for the postgraduate student one week before the date of the discussion and preparing the minutes of the discussion committees, checking them and submitting them to the college council.

 11- Supervising the preparation of annual and postgraduate statistics in the college.

 12- Announcing the examination results after being approved by the graduate studies committees in the scientific departments and according to the specialization.

 13- Providing the academic departments with examination marks according to a previously - prepared form for this purpose for approval by the higher studies committees.

 14- Addressing the official departments regarding everything related to the career of a postgraduate student, starting from registration until graduation.

 15- Addressing the presidency of the university / Higher Studies Department relating the biography of a postgraduate student.

 16- Addressing the official departments to obtain their approvals regarding the lecturers after determining their names and their departments by the related scientific department.

 17- Receiving and delivering the examination papers in accordance with the applicable rules.

 18- Coordinating with the scientific departments regarding the delivery of examination questions for the first and second tries, in accordance with what is applied in the preliminary studies.

 19- Supervising the work progress in the Registration and Student Affairs Section, distributing duties among its employees, and monitoring their working hours.

 20- Issuing and checking student’s documents, as well as grades and academic units.

21- Enlisting students' semester grades and preparing records for grades and keeping them after receiving them from the Examinations Committee.

 22- Signing the forms of annual premiums and promotions for postgraduate employees.

 23- Signing the annual premiums and promotion forms for the registration employees as the direct manager.

 24- Addressing the official departments and all institutions except the ministries with all matters related to these powers.

 25- Checking the absences of students who exceed the legal limit for absences, publish them on the notice board, and warn students who have exceeded them, in cooperation with the scientific departments of the college.

 26- Approval of granting the employees of the Registration section regular leaves they deserve inside Iraq, taking into account the provisions of the laws and regulations in force.

 27- Signing the correspondence of Arab foreign students with the department concerned with student affairs at the university, colleges of the university, and other official bodies.

28- Organizing lists of acceptance of new students according to the alphabet, registering them and distributing them to the sections in coordination and cooperation with the students' dormitories.

 29- Organizing and auditing documents, as well as grades, academic and prescribed units, and following up on preparatory study requirements for all academic levels.

 30- Stating students' semester grades and preparing records for grades and keeping them after receiving them from the examination committees.

 31- Signing letters on referring students to health centers and hospitals.

 32-Checking the absences of students and enlisting them in special records, organizing semester schedules with the names of students and the number of absences of each of them, publishing them on the notice board, warning students who exceed the legal limit for absences, and coordinating with the scientific departments in the college.

 33- Organizing a comprehensive summary of students who failed, left and dismissed.

 34- Supervising students' cultural, social and sports affairs in the college.

 35- Signing student IDs.

 36- Preparing everything related to the quarterly and final exams.

 37- Monitoring the implementation of the university uniform instructions and taking disciplinary penalties against violators.

 38- Approving the purchase of books, magazines and periodicals for the college library.

 39- Issuing administrative orders for dismissing students due to absence or cheating.


 40- Supervising the management of scientific departments


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