College sections

 1- Section of Media and Public Relations:

It is responsible for highlighting the special activities of college and supervising the activities that highlight facade of college during year, and it is section responsible for organizing and coordinating scientific programs and seminars presented by branches of college and working very hard  to organize the annual graduation ceremonies and first stage student acquaintance parties and to organize delegations' visit to faculty in terms of coordinating and securing meetings with the college’s officials according to the organizational level and working to highlight activities within various media. The Section of Media and Public Relations is the official front of the college and window through which communication, interaction and coordination between university presidency as well as communication with some state departments and educational institutions Relevant to achieving the objective, and section consists of two units:

1) Media Unit

2) Public Relations Unit

These units are linked to the scientific assistant’s authority according to organizational structure, and technically to Media Section in the faculty, Media Unit performs the following tasks:

Covering faculty’s academic, administrative, technical and extracurricular activities, and more in order to be a link with the Media Department at the Presidency of University and other Media in the community.

Participating in preparing various faculty guides with Planning and Follow-up Unit.

• Coordination with specialists in the college in organizing and developing the college’s website and providing it with the necessary information.

• Keeping and archiving college’s activities and documenting them for informational purposes in a way that serves to demonstrate the college’s reputation and its social and scientific position among different colleges and scientific institutions.

• Maintaining links with relevant media organizations.


2- Registration and Student Affairs Section:

This unit is concerned with organizing academic affairs for college students, as it accompanies them on seek knowledge march at college, starting from applying admission and ending with providing them with graduation documents and. It will keep the tables of final exam scores (Sheets) and the sequence of successful students, and it is responsible for health of the breasts.

The section includes three units:

A- Registration Unit:

 It carries out the tasks of receiving new students, registering them in the college and providing them with graduation documents after they complete the legal period of study at the College of Pharmacy

B- Student Affairs Unit:

 It receives students, promotes their requests and directs them in regard to the official working hours, announces study and examination schedules, student lists, sectioning them to groups, follows up on students’ registration in the students’ dormitory and issues IDs, which is the link between students and the Deanship of the College.

c- Transcripts and Certificates unite:

Its members undertake the following tasks:

• Issuing graduation proofs (certificates) entitled to governmental and non-governmental institutions inside Iraq and for all undergraduate and postgraduate students of our college.

• Issuing graduation murals for all undergraduate and postgraduate students of our college.

• Preparing, organizing and issuing graduation transcripts in Arabic and English (with degrees and without degrees) for all undergraduate and postgraduate students of our college.

• Issuing letters of proof supporting clinical training during the graduate student’s studies.

• Issuing proof letters for studies in English for all graduates.

• Issuing letters that match the names in the English language for all graduates of our college who have different names mentioned in their passports and documents.

• Checking the graduation murals and graduation documents of our college’s graduates received by us from various governmental and non-governmental agencies from inside and outside Iraq, and stating the validity of their data and issuance by our college.


3- Section of Quality Assurance and University Performance:

The section endeavors to build an effective quality assurance system in the college, spread the culture of quality and accreditation among the faculty members, and establish a culture of self-evaluation, development and continuous improvement of the college’s performance based on the college’s mission and based on the quality assurance standards that have been adopted in this regard. Due to the importance of the sections’ role in the college, they are structurally and administratively linked to the dean of the faculty, and technically with the quality department of the presidency of the university. The section was among the initiation of the Quality sections at the university in 2010. It consists of four units:

A- Quality Assurance Unit

The unit seeks to spread the culture of quality and achieve the requirements for obtaining accreditation in its institutional and program types for the college and its various academic programs to enable the college to continue to fulfill its mission and achieve its goals. The unit is responsible for the following tasks.

- Reviewing and updating the college’s strategy, mission and strategic objectives in light of developments and modernization of higher education.

- Following up and implementing the college’s plan regarding quality assurance in order for the college to obtain academic accreditation that enhances the quality of the educational process in the college.

- Spreading awareness among faculty members, students and all faculty staff of the importance of implementing the quality assurance and accreditation system, and consolidating information related to quality assurance and accreditation mechanisms.

- Laying down the bases, rules, and procedures for periodic monitoring and follow-up for the implementation of quality assurance and accreditation standards.

- Proposing university performance standards and quality control for the components of the educational process related to the university professor, curricula, laboratories, college infrastructures, university students, and performance assessment processes.

- Proposing and developing work procedures, rules and guides for developing and improving performance in a way that contributes to ensuring the quality of the college’s performance.

- Preparing periodic follow-up reports about the unit’s activities and submitting them to the Quality assurance Section.

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