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The Graduate Studies Unit

In 1999, a master's study was introduced in the departments of soil and water, field crops and animal production, as well as the creation of a doctoral study in the sections of soil, water and animal production. In 2008, a doctoral study in the field crops department and a master's study in the department of horticulture and garden engineering were added. The Department of Agricultural Economics at the beginning of the year 2013-2014; a doctoral study was introduced in the Department of Horticulture and Garden Engineering in 2018-2019, and a master's study in the Department of Plant Protection was introduced in the year 2020-2021.

The number of graduates with higher degrees in the College of Agriculture, University of Anbar, is as follows:

Higher degree (master's) 275

Higher degree (PhD) 81


The Graduate Studies Unit follows up on postgraduate studies in terms of following up on the permanence of graduate students and their discipline in accordance with the regulations and instructions in force, scrutinizing applications for admission to graduate studies in the college and referring them to the relevant scientific departments for consideration and addressing the relevant authorities and following up on postgraduate students in terms of time periods and devoting them to study. In accordance with the regulations and instructions and participation in the meetings of the graduate studies committees in the college to discuss matters of postgraduate studies according to the specialization of the departments in a way that guarantees good performance, preparing a statement for the discussion of a graduate student to discuss, preparing the minutes of the discussion committees, checking them and submitting them to the college council and supervising the preparation of the annual statistics for postgraduate studies in the college and preparing The academic curriculum of the graduate student and providing postgraduate students with assurances of continuing studies addressed to the official departments to which the students belong.


The development of proposals and controls to solve the problems of graduate students and in accordance with the need of scientific departments and society, and that the current vision of unity is the numbers of graduate student’s numbers efficient able to take responsibility that result from obtaining the (Supreme certificate) inside Iraq.


  The mission of the Graduate Studies Unit at the College of Agriculture - Anbar University is to raise the level of graduate studies and diversify them, provide their various requirements, and provide scientific and technical services and consultations in the various state institutions and other sectors.


The Graduate Studies Unit aims to bring about a qualitative change in the scientific movement and to diversify studies and higher scientific research and scientific specializations in the college.

The Administrative Committees

Assist. Dr. Muhammad Hamdan Idan,              Assistant Dean for Scientific and Student Affairs

Assist. Dr. Salwan Mahmood Abdulateef,       Director of the Graduate Studies Unit

Omar Khaled Attallah                                       Application Files

Miss Hala Mohamed Khalaf,                            University Order

Mr. Abd Muhammad Hussein,                         Committees And Audit Files

Mrs. Hind Fouad Zabar                                     The Students' Files

Mr. Ahmed Dalf Matlab                                   The Students' Files




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