The Department of Field Crops was established in 1993 to prepare staffs equipped with the most modern experiences and agricultural technologies in the country to provide it with agricultural specializations. The scientific attention of graduates from this department id directed towards field crops production, genetic improvement of the crops and qualitative and quantative improvement of production. The theoretical and practical improvement of curricula in the department have been designed to cover the academic as well as applied concepts of knowledge in this discipline.


   Preparing scientifically qualified staffs that participating in developing the real state of agricultural production in the country. Moreover, the department holds scientific courses within the continuing learning program for graduates from faculties of agriculture working in state committees.




  1. Committee of the Consultative Bureau
  2. Management of Agricultural Crop Fields
  3. Examination Committee
  4. Guidance Committee
  5. Scientific Committee




  1. Lab of Seeds Technology
  2. Lab of Crops Physiology and Production

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