Administrative unit

The work of the administrative unit is characterized by its bifurcation and importance, and all the work carried out by the unit is under the direction of the Dean of the College and the Assistant Dean of the Administrative, and the tasks assigned to this unit can be described as follows:
 A - Personnel management, which includes faculty members, employees and technicians, as it implements the civil service law, university service law, higher education law, and state employee discipline law.
B- Issuing administrative orders for instructors and employees, for example appointment, re-appointment, promotion orders and bonuses, dispatches, direct, dismissal, thank-you orders, penalties, and so on with regard to staff and instructors on permanent or temporary staffing.
C- To keep, organize, update and receive service files and records for all teachers and employees.
W- The unit shall verify the validity of the issuance of documents for the administrative and teaching staff in the college.
C - All that is requested by the unit and falls within the framework of its specialization by the dean of the faculty and the assistant dean of administration in a manner that achieves fluidity and efficiency in administrative work.

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