Media and Public Relations


Dr. Mawlood Maajal Ali

 The division is linked to the administrative assistant according to the organizational structure, and technically at the Media Department at the University Presidency, the Media Division carries out the following tasks:
A- Covering the academic, administrative, technical, extracurricular and other activities of the college, to be a link with the media department at the university presidency and other media in the community.
B- Participating in preparing the various faculty directories with the Planning and Follow-up Unit.
C- Coordination with specialists in the college in organizing and developing the university's website, and providing it with the necessary information.
D- Preserving and archiving the college’s activities and documenting them for informational purposes in a way that serves to demonstrate the college’s reputation and its social and scientific standing among the various colleges and scientific institutions.
C- Finally, one of the tasks of the Media and Public Relations Unit is to maintain links with the relevant media institutions.


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