Library unit

The unit is linked to the scientific assistant, and the unit manages a number of office activities, including the scientific books library and the electronic library, the scientific books library includes the books wing and the periodicals wing where the first contains Arabic and foreign books for all specialties, while the periodicals wing includes letters, dissertations and scientific journals, either the electronic library contains disks A CD for books, dissertations and university theses, as the library is equipped with a number of computers that enable the researcher to view dissertations on CDs. The library includes a duplicating device to depict what the researcher needs from books that cannot be loaned. The job description of the library’s tasks can be detailed in the following:
 A- Providing scientific support to researchers, teachers and students with the books, research, letters, theses, magazines and periodicals they need.
B- Preserving and classifying the library’s contents in a way that facilitates access to and dealing with it by all dealers, in order to provide facilities for students of primary and postgraduate studies and researchers to complete their research by giving them the opportunity to see and borrow the resources available at the library.
C- Maintaining the maintenance of the library's property and contents and maintaining the durability of its assets in a way that serves the achievement of its service goals for students, researchers and teachers.
D- Copying research papers, letters and dissertations on discs and saving them for use by students in order to develop the electronic library.
C- Follow-up on borrowing dates and notices of latecomers to fulfill the deadline for returning sources.
H - Executing any official orders issued by the scientific assistant in this regard.

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