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The idea of ​​establishing a college

The preliminary aim for ​​establishing the college of applied sciences in Hit city was based on an initial study to the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, to perform an active applied science program that involves both basic and   environmental sciences. 

The idea has been arisen due to the geographical location of Hit city on the geological fault of Abu al-Jir, that starts from the Upper Euphrates down to the Samawah county in southern Iraq. Sulfur, Asphalt and groundwater are present alongside of the river, with high polluting materials for the soil, water and air. 

Moreover, there are large quarries of naturally occuring limestone, gypsum and metal. However, in terms of industry, there are several factories in Anbar county where His city is located. For example, cement factories in Kabisa and Qaim cities,  as well as plaster factories and the phosphate in Akashat city. Also, the refinery of oil in Haditha city and the newly discovered field for natural gas in Okkaz city. 

In addition, all the instructions and conditions were compatible to the rules of the ministry of higher education in Iraq which seek for the buildings, staff and technician’s availability as well as the availability of curriculum books.

All of the mentioned features called to incorporate a college of applied sciences includes the environment, biophysics and applied chemistry departments (established in 2019). Therefore, the main goal of the colleges was to graduate qualified students for these available factories and also future factories. Those qualified students will have gained professional and applicable experiences for the required specialties, but also they will be able to hold the environmental problems to a solution.

Furthermore, students will have the ability to perform fundamental environmental projects in Anbar county through different topics that are being studied, partially in other colleges within the University Of Anbar. Nevertheless, the proposed studies can also give opportunities for the students to be professional environmentalists through hard work and perseverance.

The College was established in 2014 with two Departments: the biophysics and the Environment Departments. The number of students admitted to the College was 162, according to the Central Admission System.

In 2014-2015 academic year, the college initially received only 34 students. This was due to the critical security conditions in Anbar county at that time. Each year, students are distributed to these two  scientific departments based on their total marks achieved in secondary school.



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