Legal unit

The tasks of this unit can be described as follows:
A- Ensure the implementation and fulfillment of the regulations, laws and instructions issued by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and follow-up on them, diagnose defects and deficiencies in their application, and submit recommendations in this regard to the administrative assistant.
B- Providing legal advice to clarify legal texts or to express a legal opinion on a specific issue for any administrative unit in the college.
C- Drafting contracts and supervising auctions for renting public properties of the college.
D- Supervising the follow-up of some legal transactions related to the college in some government departments with authorization from the dean.
C- Signing and stamping legal transactions and undertakings with powers delegated by the university presidency
H- It follows up the lessors and the beneficiaries of the college’s property (clubs, garages, etc. of the college) and monitors any violation of their work according to the contract concluded between them and submits its recommendations to hold them accountable.
G- Attending and participating in seminars and courses related to the legal side to raise the efficiency of the work of the legal units in the faculty and to follow up on related developments.

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