Scientific unit

 This unit is affiliated with the scientific assistant and is responsible for the following tasks:

A- Contributing to preparing the detailed administrative and scientific plan for the college in coordination with the scientific departments and following up on its implementation.

B- Preparing the college’s university census requirements, and everything related to the monthly, quarterly and annual activity reports of the college, according to officially approved forms.

C- Preparing the identities of teachers and temporary employees and coordinating with the Identities Unit at the University Presidency to issue permanent IDs.

D- Contribute to preparing the college’s annual guide, new students ’guide and other guides.

C- Preparing the college’s research plan according to an electronic program that includes planned, completed and published research for the teaching staff.

H- Answer the official books and provide the University Presidency with all the information and statistics related to the College and related to the work of the Planning Department at the University Presidency

G- Contribute to preparing the college’s organizational structure.

D- Contributing to the preparation of studies for the establishment of departments, scientific branches.

I- Contribute to preparing the scholarships and study leave plan for the faculty members.

T- Follow up on the issue of nominating the college’s employees to participate in training courses inside and outside the country.

G- Contribute to preparing the faculty and administrative staff plan for the college.

Q- Carrying out other tasks assigned to the Planning and Follow-up Unit by the dean of the faculty or the scientific assistant.

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