Vision, mission and Objectives



It is the excellence and the leadership in the university education and scientific research fields. It contributes in the knowledge building and also the society development that are the priority of the university vision. This results in people with high quality competencies in terms of professionalism and application.

The mission

It is the excellence in the knowledge and the advanced research projects that provide the ability to produce informative and trainee staffs for the society. This is carried out through a constructive environment for education, creativity and scientific research, with a continuous quality that ensures an optimal investment for the technology and public partnership.




1 – Adopting a methodology based on the initiative and predicting the society’s future needs.

2 – Involving the academic culture for the students in the fields of applied sciences.

3 – Qualifying graduates that have skills in both scientific theory and applications. Also, equipping graduates with the necessary scientific experiences to enable them to be at the forefront of modern technology.  Furthermore, facilitating the modern technology for human services and the surrounded environment.

4 – An enhancement for the partnership and the cooperativity between the college outputs students and the private sector, in order to increase the compatibility between the quality of the college outputs with the actual and practical requirements for the available jobs. This ensures that graduates are equipped with the relevant skills satisfy the requirements of a particular occupation.


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