Registration and Student Affairs


Ammar Abdulrazzaq Tawfeeq

 The activity of registration and student affairs is an effective division in all colleges, and it is one of the administrative formations at the level of the assistant dean for scientific affairs in the college, due to the tasks that it undertakes regarding students starting from entering the student in the first phase to the last phase, as well as Those graduating students and the graduation documents and degrees related to them, the work of this division is technically related to the Registration and Student Affairs Department at the University Presidency, and the activities of this division are divided into two main events:

A- Student Registration Unit: This unit has a set of job specifications, represented by the following:
• This unit is concerned with information about students, starting from their registration in the first stage, this information is organized within specific files in which all that was encountered or presented to the student from matters of registration, postponement, academic curriculum or support for continuing work or their transfer between departments in the same college or their transfer between colleges within One university or with other universities and even with universities in other countries, and these matters are in close relationship with the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, who is responsible for issuing administrative orders related to the matters mentioned above.
• The registration unit shall have a supportive and reciprocal relationship with the main scientific departments in the college, each of which depends on the other. The departments depend in the affairs of their students on what the registration unit offers them, and among these matters are providing support for continuity, following up on absences, issuing penalties and warnings therein, amending the nomination related to new students and issuing Failure orders in absences, promotion of registration, and other reasons for failure.

B- Documentation Unit: This unit has a set of job specifications, represented by the following:
• This unit differs from the previous one, as it is related to students who have graduated from the college, as it is responsible for providing graduation documents and confirmations, some of which are included in the degrees and some of them are limited to the general average and the year of graduation and the role in which the student succeeded and his sequence among his peers within the year of graduation The one.
• Due to the importance of documents and their sensitivity, they are subject to scrutiny by the responsible employee in terms of grades, number of hours and rates for the four years and the general average for four years, and after this audit is audited by the official of the Registration and Student Affairs Division, then by the assistant dean for scientific affairs and students and finally by the dean of the faculty and the document holds It includes the three signatures of the official of the Registration Division, the Assistant Dean for Scientific Affairs and the Dean of the College.

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