Vision, mission and objectives

 Vision: The department aims to provide the best forms of university education in life physics and its applications, train students and develop their scientific and practical skills in the use of modern technologies and applications of medical physics in the fields of higher education, scientific research and the practical aspect, and contribute to providing appropriate solutions to the challenges of Iraqi society and the requirements of the labor market.

Mission: Upgrading the educational process and providing programs that keep pace with global developments and the government program to prepare highly qualified graduates who are able to contribute and compete to achieve development plans in Anbar Governorate in particular and Iraq in general.

Objectives of the educational program:

1- Teaching general and specialized courses in the various branches of biophysics.

2- Developing the graduate's skills and developing them to deal with problems in a practical manner based on the principles of analysis and conclusion, to develop solutions to urgent problems.

3- Developing the spirit of development in the fields of medical physics and encouraging innovations and talents

4- Preparing practically qualified cadres to meet the needs of the labor market for the public and private sectors

5- Meet the development programs and plans of the medical sector in Iraq and keep abreast of the developments in the applications of life physics, such as laboratories and medical devices, and observe safety rules.

6- Forming an integrated scientific system for the practice of scientific research within the framework of joint cooperation between the department and the rest of the corresponding departments in the universities of Iraq and abroad.

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