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    Introduced Computer College in Al-Anbar University in 1999 to be the new scientific added with the rest of the colleges at the university, which is ninth overall in Anbar University College and aspires to achieve its goal to reach in order to graduate scientific qualified cadres in the field of software industry to supplement government departments and the private sector, and attracting college students from all provinces of the country being the first of its kind college in the country, but in terms of admission requirements for applicants where they are the same controls acceptance in force in the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, and currently has total two parts Department of Computer Science and Information Systems Department and the rate of (450) students to preliminary studies distributors the sections. As for graduate studies it has been opened in 2001-2002 for the Master's degree in Computer Science Department. And stopped for the period 2002-2007 because of the circumstances of the recent war and the deterioration of security in the province was re-opened for the year 2007-2008 is still time to continuously present in it.

Address: Iraq - Anbar - Ramadi - nationalization - university complex

post address: P . O (55431 Baghdad, 55 Ramadi

Established: 1999

College Dependency: Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research - Anbar University

E-mail:  csit.college@uoanbar.edu.iq 






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